Tron Disc modification tutorial

Hey everyone, Mike and I have documented our modding of the Tron disc toys, and are making videos so that people can do the same if they wish. Here is the Part 1 of my video, starting with some of the tools that you will need and concluding with the disc dremeled and ready for … Read more

Paul’s Tron costume

I started work on my costume for MidSouthCon, and eventually Dragon*Con. Since you only get one year to really make a costume for new stuff, this is the year for Tron. I can’t say who I am dressing up as outright, but my disc will give you a clu. I started with the Rinzler disc, … Read more

Another awesome Zelda artwork

So after Mike showed me that last piece of art, I happened upon this, which reminded me of a piece I wanted to work on. I have wanted to work on a humor piece about Link from the original Legend of Zelda, having to haul around a raft, ladder, multiple swords… and a candle on … Read more

Updated my Tron Article

You don’t have the visit the article, its getting pretty long, so I will post the whole update here.

A.G.D Program 1.5 February 15th 2011

I have been working on the disk holders and modding the disks the past week. After a long time experimenting and way too many purchased (and unsatisfactory) lights, I got my disk in better shape for the upcoming con. It has a 5mm EL Red Wire in the inner C Ring and the outer ring has 2 feet of high intensity LED lights. It has two switches so I can have the c ring and outer ring light up separately.

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Tron disc completed!

So I played around last night and tonight, and I have finished my disc! I am posting 2 pictures, one because it looked awesome at the exposure setting, and the second to get a better idea on the color. If I can get my hands on a Kevin Flynn Disc, I think I am going … Read more