Tron Disc modification tutorial

Hey everyone,

Mike and I have documented our modding of the Tron disc toys, and are making videos so that people can do the same if they wish. Here is the Part 1 of my video, starting with some of the tools that you will need and concluding with the disc dremeled and ready for the wiring, lighting, and batteries.

You might notice the coloring on the EL Wires is a bit odd. I am making a green disc for Missy, for her virus costume. We tried some glow in the dark paint, that was supposed to be “The brightest Glow in the Dark paint… IN THE WORLD!” All I have to say is damn, that is one dim world. So back to the normal way of disc modding, wires, batteries, and lights. But this one is an unusual color, so I thought I would explain why.

If you have any questions, please let me know.