A Kingdom built by the Elves…We get asked all the time, how did Aradani start and how did you guys get into making elf ears? The short answer, Paul liked wearing elf ears to shows, and when people asked for them, we started providing them. Formed in 2002, […] Read More>>


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Great Customer Service, fast shipping, and you know what? I asked em to draw a T-Rex on the box and they did!! I was actually quite impressed with the quality of the ears AND the T-Rex!!!

Aradani Customer

I never do reviews, but when I got these I knew I had to. These ears are INCREDIBLE. They are a perfect material and they blend with my ears so well. The shipping was right on time too, which I love and appreciate. I have grown to love these ears so much that I wear them on a daily basis sometimes. I love the look and feel of these ears, thanks so much!

Aradani Customer

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