Witcher Elf Ears – The Witcher: Blood Origin

While we may debate whether the characters in Blood Origin are elves, or just horrible humans with pointy ears, the fact is that there are many different styles of elf ears in the show. We want to help you find the perfect ear for any Witcher Elf cosplay.

So what elf ears do you want to get for a Witcher Blood origins costume?

Here are our suggestions:

Eile a Blood Origin Elf

Éile (the Lark) : Sprite Ears, worn backwards.

We don’t usually recommend wearing our ears backward, but the shape of hers would match that so well! You could also try and wear them as designed, and they would still be very close.

Fjall a Blood Origin Elf

Fjall: Moon elf, with lots of blush.

Fjall’s elf ears are a little shorter, but moon elf fits the shape pretty well.

Merwyn a Blood Origin Elf

Merwyn: Sun Elf or Wood Elf ears.

Merwyns ears spend a lot of time behind decorative jewelry, but when we do see them, I would say they are a mix between our sun Elf or our Wood Elf Ears.

For any other characters, join us on our Discord and ask us there!

About the Costumes of the Elves of Blood Origin

The Witcher Blood Origin is a new addition to the beloved Witcher series, and it promises to bring all the same exciting action, drama, and fantasy elements as the other installments in the franchise. One of the most exciting aspects of the new show is its costumes.

The costumes featured in the series reflect the magical world of the Witcher and capture the essence of the characters. Each character is unique in their own way, and their costumes reflect this with their unique designs and colors. The costumes are also heavily inspired by traditional fantasy and medieval clothing. The main characters can be seen wearing long coats and capes, leather pants and boots, and even some armor pieces. The costumes are meant to evoke the feeling of a magical world, and they definitely do.

In addition to the main characters, the costumes of the supporting cast also capture the magical world of the Witcher. From the colorful robes of the mages to the detailed armor of the knights, each costume is designed to evoke the feeling of a magical world.

About the Show: The Witcher: Blood Origin

Netflix’s latest show, Witcher: Blood Origin, has been a big hit among fans of the Witcher franchise. Based on the popular video game and book series, the show is a prequel to the main series, focusing on the origin of the witcher race. It follows a legendary witcher as he fights to protect his people and uncover the secrets of his past. The story of Witcher: Blood Origin is set in an elven world hundreds of years before the events of the main series. It follows the story of an elf who is chosen to become a witcher, a powerful mutant warrior. With the power to control the elements and fight monsters, the witcher must battle the forces of evil to protect his people. Along the way, he will discover the secrets of his past and uncover the truth about the witchers’ mysterious origins.

The show features an impressive cast of actors, including Sophia Brown as the lead, who is joined by other familiar faces such as Minnie Driver and Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson. Blood Origin also has a great soundtrack, featuring a mix of original music and classic themes from the game and book series. The show is an excellent addition to the Witcher franchise, as it expands on the lore and mythology of the world.

Blood Origin also explores themes of family, loyalty, and identity, making it a compelling watch for fans of the series. With its stunning visuals, gripping story, and a great cast, Witcher: Blood Origin is a must-watch for fans of the franchise.