Tron 3 is happening!

So Disney didn’t do so well in US theaters with Tron Legacy, but when everything was said and done, they pulled in over 400 million worldwide. Not a bad haul. Legacy’s director, Joseph Kosinski has a new film that I am looking forward to – Oblivion. He says he is ready to return to the Grid . … Read more

Updated my Tron Article

You don’t have the visit the article, its getting pretty long, so I will post the whole update here.

A.G.D Program 1.5 February 15th 2011

I have been working on the disk holders and modding the disks the past week. After a long time experimenting and way too many purchased (and unsatisfactory) lights, I got my disk in better shape for the upcoming con. It has a 5mm EL Red Wire in the inner C Ring and the outer ring has 2 feet of high intensity LED lights. It has two switches so I can have the c ring and outer ring light up separately.

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