Sizing for your Mask Armor

Wood Elf Mask Armor

Sizing Mask Armor

Mask armor comes in two sizes, Small and Large. These should fit almost all faces and smiles.

To make sure you request the correct size, you can do a quick measurement at home. Take a flexible measuring tape and measure from the front of your ear, over your nose, to the other ear. If you do not have a cloth measuring tape, take a string and find the distance between ears and then lay that down on a ruler.

Mask Armor Measurement

If you are in between go with what you feel comfortable with. While I wear a large comfortably, I could fit into a small. If you have any questions be sure to reach out to us! – Contact Form


Mask Armor – What is it?

Mask Armor is a resin outer mask meant to give some elven style to your everyday PPE wear. There are two sizes, allowing a perfect fit for almost anyone.

While this is not a replacement for protective masks, it is meant to accentuate the mask you are already wearing.

These masks have been designed by the artists at Aradani Studios, and will be molded, cast, and painted right here in Nashville, TN USA.

Bryan in Mask Armor

Decorative, not protective.

We highly recommend that you wear an additional PPE mask under the Mask Armor. These masks have holes built in for air flow, which is exactly what you don’t want in PPE. The Good news? Almost all masks fit underneath these armors, from sugircal masks to N95.