Paul’s Tron costume

I started work on my costume for MidSouthCon, and eventually Dragon*Con. Since you only get one year to really make a costume for new stuff, this is the year for Tron. I can’t say who I am dressing up as outright, but my disc will give you a clu.

I started with the Rinzler disc, since the coloring is about right for the Clu disc (I apologize for the pun up above). Since the Rinzler disc has an ornage outer ring, it worked perfect for the Clu coloring, and I used a yellow EL wire on the C ring. The top photo is a long exposure shot of my disc. Just like the blue disc that I made, the outer edge and C ring are two different colors, though in these photos you can barely tell. The outer ring is a distinct orange, while the inner ring is a yellow. Either way, it looks sweet.