Sizing for your Mask Armor

Sizing Mask Armor Mask armor comes in two sizes, Small and Large. These should fit almost all faces and smiles. To make sure you request the correct size, you can do a quick measurement at home. Take a flexible measuring tape and measure from the front of your ear, over your nose, to the other … Read more

Stylish PPE: adding flair to your everyday mask

For the sake of others, we need to wear masks to protect everyone. But wearing a mask doesn’t have to be boring. We can be stylish with our PPE. These lightweight resin masks fit over almost all other mask type to give you a stylish flair to your PPE. Stylish PPE built for comfort Mask … Read more

What is Mask Armor?

When Covid19 all started to get very serious Aradani was at PensaCon. Reports of people in WA and NY having it and spreading it was fresh on our mind. We went to Walmart to buy extra hand sanitizer and gloves (it was all so new, all the shelves were still stocked). Now we are 6 … Read more

So who is Aradani?

Elf Ears at Ten Ren

During a time like this, we are all looking at ourselves and the world around us. We are reevaluating what is important to us and what is valuable to the world. As I ordered a pick up order of groceries, I looked at my bill and realized that there was nothing like Elf Ears on … Read more

Gelfling Ears for your Gelfling Costume

Dark Crystal Gelfling Ears

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is out, and we all want to do costumes from it. I wrote a short article a while back about Gelflings, Gelfling Ears, and Gelfling costumes, but I wanted to touch base again as we have had an influx of questions. So what Aradani Elf Ears are best for Gelfling … Read more

A quick Hobbiton getaway

As you might imagine, we are in the middle of our busy season. Halloween means we have stacks of orders going out each day, and the Ohio Renaissance Festival means three of us are on the road every week from Friday til Monday. But September is also Laura’s birthday, so I always take a small … Read more

New Ear style, Gen Con, and more

Hail elves! We have just returned from GenCon and we are already back in the office making ears and shipping them. Well some of us. A couple of the Aradani crew were overwhelmed from all the fun (and the 7+ miles you walk every day at con) and took a vacay from the studio. But … Read more