Tron disc completed!

So I played around last night and tonight, and I have finished my disc! I am posting 2 pictures, one because it looked awesome at the exposure setting, and the second to get a better idea on the color. If I can get my hands on a Kevin Flynn Disc, I think I am going to make a Blue disc with an actual clear white outer ring. Then I might take the White disc and put UV LEDs or red LEDs to make a crazy style disc.

So the 6 LEDs on the outer ring are replaced with a super bright white LED strip running on a 12 volt battery. The inner ring is an EL wire, powered by a small inverter and 2 AAA batteries. For this build, the inner ring is a teal EL Wire (I think the official color is aqua), but since the C ring has a blue tint to it, it has a little more blue to it. But looks pretty good.

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