A Kingdom built by the Elves…We get asked all the time, how did Aradani start and how did you guys get into making elf ears? The short answer, Paul liked wearing elf ears to shows, and when people asked for them, we started providing them. A longer, more business like explanation is..

Aradani Crew 2003 Tennessee Renaissance Festival
The Aradani Family in 2003

Formed in 2002, Aradani Studios was the home of the artwork of Michael, Paul, and Sara Bielaczyc. On our first business outing, at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, we discovered a strong demand for Elf Ear prosthetics. Starting at our second weekend as a company, we had already expanded to Art and Elf Ears.

Being eternally pushed to make things better, by 2005 all Elf Ears sold by Aradani were manufactured in house, in downtown Nashville, TN. And we really do mean in house, Aradani was run out of the basement of Michael’s house.


Nashville, TN. Home of Aradani
Nashville, TN. Home of Aradani

In 2013, our need for more space had us move to a 2000 sq foot warehouse in North Nashville, and each artist took their studio to their personal homes. In early 2015, Aradani expanded once again, purchasing a property with a 1600 sq foot office space and a 3000 sq foot warehouse back closer to downtown Nashville. We dubbed it Elfland, and will be the permanent home to Aradani into the foreseeable future.

What we do.

We are makers. Paul and Michael are both professional artists who work in traditional media. They have shown worldwide and have been published in a variety of books and magazines. Sara has changed from 2d art to Ceramics and shows locally and at the shows Aradani travels to.

Aradani Elf Ears
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Then there is our most famous product, Elf Ears. While we make a variety of FX appliances and costumes, Aradani is most well known for Elf Ears. Through Aradani Costumes, we make, sell, and ship more Elf Ears than we ever thought possible. While still a small family run business, we have added more employees each year to help meet demand.

Our Mission?

To keep making stuff for you. Whether you are a part of fandom, a one time costumer, or a lifelong elf fanatic, we want to make the fantasy come to life. We will continue to add new costuming products, paint new paintings, and bring them to a show (or interweb) near you!

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