Aradani Winter 2012 Costume Contest

_ Due to the proximity of Ohayocon and the contest deadline, we have extended the contest to February 14th, to allow for Ohayocon attendees to submit their photos. Thank you for understanding! _ Hey everyone,We are going to start a new biannual costume photo contest and this will be our first! What we are looking […]

Illuxcon IV 2011 review over at Conspyer

So I just got back from Illuxcon and wanted to write down my experiences while they are fresh in my mind. Thursday We left early on Thursday, which was also my birthday, so I wasn’t really looking forward to a 12 hour car journey… but I was traveling with Grant Cooley and he had planned ahead and packed some […]

Just when I thought I was creepy…

So I created a little monster to scare visitors to my Halloween party (which worked well, even my mother who spent her entire life trying to scare the begeezus out of me was creeped out). But Heidi Klum beats me out. I don’t know what it is but her and Seal’s costumes make me shiver […]

GMX get ready for the Aradani Crew!

We are currently shipping orders for Halloween as fast as possible, because this weekend we will be invading GMX in full force. We will have a dealers room spot and an artist’s table. I will have a brand spanking new painting to show as well as some of my new masks, one of which is cold […]