Positions Needed for AradaniCon

We need the following volunteer positions* filled for AradaniCon. Head of Costuming Jobs Recruit cosplayers to do panels for the con. Organize their panels and submit for the schedule. Be the contact between the panelists and Aradani. Head of Art Filled – Paul Bielaczyc Jobs Recruit artists to do panels for the con. Organize their … Read more

New Ear style, Gen Con, and more

Hail elves! We have just returned from GenCon and we are already back in the office making ears and shipping them. Well some of us. A couple of the Aradani crew were overwhelmed from all the fun (and the 7+ miles you walk every day at con) and took a vacay from the studio. But … Read more

Gencon 2016

Today we are packing the Tank* and tomorrow morning we take off for Indianapolis! Gen con is one of my favorite shows of the year and all of us can’t wait to see our friends during the best four games of gaming! *My nickname for our Nissan NV There are some changes this year, for … Read more

Come visit at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival!

We are preparing for the opening weekend of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. We are in the same spot as in years past, so it should be easy to find. We are also celebrated our 15th year at thee festival! Come see us for art, elf ears, and books! -mike About the Tennessee Renaissance Festival: Travel … Read more

Chattacon here we come!

We are starting our con season with the same show we always start it with, Chattacon! We will be in the Dealer’s Room and the Art Show. Programming: Gallery A Art and Gaming Panel- The World of SagaBorn The SagaBorn Roleplaying System was created as a simplified D20 system for the World of Uteria setting. … Read more

Here we come Dragoncon!

The van is packed, the paint is dry (well almost), and the costumes are as finished as they are going to be! We arrive tomorrow at noon to start unpacking¬†and setting up. Want to know where we are? Want to make a appointment for make up? See our Aradani @ Dragoncon 2015 page! We have … Read more

Aradani at Dragoncon 2015

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since we had an update. There have been some big changes at Aradani, mainly moving into our new location. We had to not only pack and move, but build walls, paint, coordinate roofers and HVAC people, all the while keeping our webstore open and attending conventions like Gencon. It has … Read more