Paul Plays Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Entry 3

Fierce Deity Link So last night I completed my set! Playing in full Majora’s Mask style now. I got the armor on my very first scan, and it took a few more days to get the rest, but it is finally complete! Mwahaha. Amiibos So Amiibos are pretty cool. I didn’t own any of them, … Read more

Link’s scarf

  Guess who has something geeky to wear out on the town! Now I just need to keep working on the rest of the Hyrule Warriors Link outfit. You can see how we made the scarf in detail here or just click the image.

Bilbo Baggins Cosplay Article by JadeKat

We have another wonderful submission from our Sponsored Cosplayer program, this time from a friend from the Ohio Renaissance Festival, JadeKat. She came up to the booth to get a pair of halfling ears to complete her ensemble, and we really thought it was a great take on a classic fantasy character, Bilbo Baggins from … Read more

Bring it on, GenCon!

So I finished making sword canes for GenCon and Dragon*Con. Phew! Last year we only had 17-20 on hand for both shows. This year we will have 65-70 canes for the run. I think the most exciting part is that Koplow Games now sells 55mm translucent d20’s, in both Ruby and Sapphire right now (you … Read more