Interview with Costume Designer and Creator Krystal Messier

Steampixie in action.

Ever wanted to know what happens inside the strange mind of a costume designer? Well we got lucky enough to have our friend Krystal “Kudrel” Messier to answer a few questions. I first found her work on DeviantArt, but later found out we were connected through her company, Steampixie, which she runs with our mutual friend Lisa McGowan. After Dragoncon last year, we decided to post an interview, and are just now getting around to posting it (yes, I am always this behind on web work)!

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Updated my Tron Article

You don’t have the visit the article, its getting pretty long, so I will post the whole update here.

A.G.D Program 1.5 February 15th 2011

I have been working on the disk holders and modding the disks the past week. After a long time experimenting and way too many purchased (and unsatisfactory) lights, I got my disk in better shape for the upcoming con. It has a 5mm EL Red Wire in the inner C Ring and the outer ring has 2 feet of high intensity LED lights. It has two switches so I can have the c ring and outer ring light up separately.

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