Paul Plays Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Entry 3

Fierce Deity Link So last night I completed my set! Playing in full Majora’s Mask style now. I got the armor on my very first scan, and it took a few more days to get the rest, but it is finally complete! Mwahaha. Amiibos So Amiibos are pretty cool. I didn’t own any of them, … Read more

Elf Ears for Headphones and Ear Buds

So we have been getting a lot of notifications from people about the Elf Ear earbuds: They are small elf ear ear buds that look to be made of plastic or hard rubber. They run $14 or ¥ 99.00, depending on which you have in your pocket. And while these are cool, we here at Aradani … Read more

Larp Magazine with a review of our elf ears!

Larp Scene – – a new LARPing magazine has a review of our ears. You can download the first issue here: Larp Scene Issue 1   About LARP Scene: LarpScene is a brand new online magazine about LARP (Live Action Role Play) for beginners to the hobby, and for seasoned players. We cover anything and … Read more

Gencon 2016

Today we are packing the Tank* and tomorrow morning we take off for Indianapolis! Gen con is one of my favorite shows of the year and all of us can’t wait to see our friends during the best four games of gaming! *My nickname for our Nissan NV There are some changes this year, for … Read more

August Druid Grove Update

The Frog Pond The hardest thing about the Druid Grove is finding time to work on it. We have been very busy this year, but we have gotten a few things done. Yesterday, I transplanted some Hardy Lilies from my home pond to the frog pond at Elfland. We have a few native plants in … Read more

Elf Ears are Metal

Just got a heads up that metal band Twilight Force has an elf in the band, and his ears look a lot like our Large Anime Elf Ears!  Some photos: About Twilight Force: The foundation for what is now TWILIGHT FORCE was laid out in 2011, with a quest to bring back the golden age … Read more