Elf Ears for Headphones and Ear Buds

So we have been getting a lot of notifications from people about the Elf Ear earbuds:

elf ear ear buds

They are small elf ear ear buds that look to be made of plastic or hard rubber. They run $14 or ¥ 99.00, depending on which you have in your pocket.

And while these are cool, we here at Aradani had to ask, why settle? All of our ears work with any variety of ear buds, bluetooth headsets, and headphones.

So why not grab a set of good looking elf ears and your favorite high quality audio equipment and rock it like we do!

Anton rockin it with Legend Elf Ears and his Sony Ear Muffs, I mean headphones.
Sara looking very serious in her Anime elf Ears and Motorola Rokrs
Paul, in search of the right track, but he already has the right type of elf ears.