What is Mask Armor?

When Covid19 all started to get very serious Aradani was at PensaCon. Reports of people in WA and NY having it and spreading it was fresh on our mind. We went to Walmart to buy extra hand sanitizer and gloves (it was all so new, all the shelves were still stocked). Now we are 6 months in, it seems no one has a solid plan besides waiting for a miracle or it to disappear on its own (you know, the same things they did in Medieval Times), so we started planning for the future. A future that needed Mask Armor.

Well I am not good at sitting around doing nothing, and I think that masks will be part of our lives for a while. And if they are, I wanted to at least make it cool.

How Mask Armor started

I called Brian a while back and asked about an old mask he made for my Elves of Uteria book. I asked, what if we could make these work as PPE? Brian had just finished a class in ZBrush and started immediately to come up with ideas.

high Elf Covid Mask Armor
The first digital sculpt of Mask Armor


From there we printed it out, painted it up and realized we had something special.

high elf Mask Armor Prototype
High Elf Mask Armor Prototype

We made these to fit over any PPE masks adding a little decorative flair. The masks have holes in them to allow air flow in (which is also why you must have another mask underneath it) and they fit comfortably.

We use an elastic system to hold the masks in place. One strap goes to the back of your neck, and the other goes over the top crown of your head. This holds the Mask Armor comfortably with the weight held by the angle of the strap rather than the tightness of the mask.

And no one can deny how cool they look.

Laura Wood elf Armor

So far the Kickstarter is going great, and we are excited to see where this project goes!