Larp Magazine with a review of our elf ears!

Larp Scene – – a new LARPing magazine has a review of our ears. You can download the first issue here:

Larp Scene Issue 1


About LARP Scene:

LarpScene is a brand new online magazine about LARP (Live Action Role Play) for beginners to the hobby, and for seasoned players. We cover anything and everything that takes our fancy, from testing out kit in the field, to keeping our eyes open for any essentials to making your event easier, to finding those little known LARP systems that more people should know about! So if you have something that you think we really should check out, please drop a comment below, or email us and we’ll get our grubby hands on it!

Now that the LARP mainline season has wrapped up, it’s time to cast our eyes forward to the Winter months, and start planning the smaller events that dot our diaries. For a comprehensive list of UK-based LARP events running during Winter, please check out the calendar on page 2. I will put up a list of all the available LARP systems and their websites/booking pages on this site soon, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to find things on our Lord and Saviour Google.