Elves in the World of Warcraft movie!!!

warcraft movie elves

So we have been pretty bummed at Aradani. With the approaching theatrical release, we have wondered where are the elves in the World of Warcraft movie? So far the only evidence of an elf was a single credit on IMDB: Christian Sloan … High Elf Delegate Which is listed below someone credited as “Indecisive Woman”, so … Read more

The Druid Grove Project

So Aradani has started a new project to help make an environmental impact! The Druid Grove. The Druid Grove project is to transform the landscape around the Aradani Office into a wildlife and plant habitat. We will only plant native species of plants, use natural fertilizers, and create safe places for local wildlife. Read more.

Here we come Dragoncon!

The van is packed, the paint is dry (well almost), and the costumes are as finished as they are going to be! We arrive tomorrow at noon to start unpacking and setting up. Want to know where we are? Want to make a appointment for make up? See our Aradani @ Dragoncon 2015 page! We have … Read more

Aradani at Dragoncon 2015

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since we had an update. There have been some big changes at Aradani, mainly moving into our new location. We had to not only pack and move, but build walls, paint, coordinate roofers and HVAC people, all the while keeping our webstore open and attending conventions like Gencon. It has … Read more