August Druid Grove Update

The Frog Pond

The hardest thing about the Druid Grove is finding time to work on it. We have been very busy this year, but we have gotten a few things done. Yesterday, I transplanted some Hardy Lilies from my home pond to the frog pond at Elfland. We have a few native plants in the pond now, including the wapato, a wetland tuber that was often used as food for Native Americans.

In just the few months we have had the pond, we have seen a large influx of dragonflies and damselflies on the property. Speaking of dragonflies, when I was putting the lily in the pond, I noticed brown casings all over the wapato. Turns out, they were all dragonfly casings! So in just a few months we are already adding to the ecosystem!

the frog pond - dragonfly casing


The pond is not as pretty as I want, but soon, I will get some stones to go around the edge and it will be as pretty as it is functional.

the frog pond -