New Identity Disk Holder prototype

So here is the new Tron Disk Holder prototype that I sculpted and Paul sanded and polished. We are unsure whether we should keep the small cut out on the bottom, but we also plan to do another style with the ring cut out so it is exactly like the movie.

The new version should be available in the next few weeks.


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  1. So as I was sanding the disc hook, I started angling it and making it have a keystone feel. I decided to make a matching piece down below, just to give the disc holder a little something. Most of the movie is hexagonal or squarish, but since this was on the bottom of the circle, I felt a bottom heavy pentagon would match the hook at the top of the circle better.

    I also sanded the edge of the front panel circle so that the edges were slightly rounded, since the movie seems to have more rounded corners that harsh 90 degree bends. But this is a very, very subtle rounding.

    Also has Each person’s disc holder in the movie seemed a little different, Kevin Flynn’s had almost celtic scrollwork on his. Anyway, just thought I would explain the rationale behind it.