Whats a cylon to do?

After BSG, what could a sexy cylon do for a living? Get a Mortal Kombat style blade and start killing I guess. Everythings seems wrong about this movie, but I still have to see it. Why? Wait til the end. Chainsaw. so i guess i was wrong, it seems this is a black keys video… … Read more

Alien “Prequel” will not answer who that skeleton was…

Ridley Scott announced a while back that he was planning two Alien prequels revolving around the back story to the alien race itself and the derelict ship featured in the first two films.

But it seems now that Damon Lindelof (of Lost fame) is working on the screenplay, things have changed. It is no longer a prequel, and it will only have “strands of DNA” from the alien franchise.

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