Our Dragoncon Schedule

Costumes and Nights: Name – Friday – Saturday – Sunday Laura – Wild Elf – Irisa Defiance – Daenerys Game of Thrones Mike – Satyr – Irathient Defiance – Shadowrun Decker Paul – Ice King Adventure Time – Link , A Link Between Worlds – Fairy Godfather Adam – Hitman – Castathan Anton – Jarin […]

Irathient Masks – A Checklist

Hey Everyone, So We plan to have a pretty big group of Defiance costumes at Dragoncon this year and many people are asking questions about the Irathient appliances, so I wanted to post an explanation of all the things you might need to know. Things you will need to apply your Irathient Mask: An Adhesive […]

Problem Solved

I have had a problem this week. I have all these Nomad Alien masks that people need for Dragoncon. And they are half masks made from silicone. How do I tell people to paint them so they blend into your skin? I know how to paint silicone masks with silicone paint so they look good. […]

Gencon 2013

So we are back. Just in time to leave again. Gencon was wonderful as usual! We had a larger booth this year which made many of our visitors happy, since you could actually move inside our booth! Paul won best Black and White in the Art Show for his piece, Murder’s Sign. [Show as slideshow]

Off to Gen Con

We leave early tomorrow for the great Indianapolis for Gen Con 2013! The Tank is packed and ready for the exihibitor’s hall! I have plenty of Whisky, and… wait what else do I need? 🙂 See you all there!