Problem Solved

I have had a problem this week. I have all these Nomad Alien masks that people need for Dragoncon. And they are half masks made from silicone. How do I tell people to paint them so they blend into your skin?

I know how to paint silicone masks with silicone paint so they look good. You can also use alcohol based make-up. But neither option works well on a seam between skin and appliance. So I headed over to the FX Lab and asked around. Michael Davy pointed me to a product that he and Dick Smith came up with to solve just such a problem!

He has both Duracolor and AGP Airbrush paint that is made for this exact thing. Sounds perfect, but Dragoncon is only 4 days away. I am going to order some, but the chances of getting it before the show seems slim. So I experimented more.

It turns out that after I painted an appliance with Alcohol Activated make up (which also paints skin and silicone, but its very translucent), the prosthetic will hold air brush makeup! It is not permanent, but you really have to rub to get it to come off. This will definitely work for a night or two at Dragon.

I am going to post a video this week of me working with this on Laura so show how we make it work.

Also, Laura has been busy on her Irisa costume, be sure to check it out!

Irisa Front Costume

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