Irathient Masks – A Checklist

Hey Everyone,

So We plan to have a pretty big group of Defiance costumes at Dragoncon this year and many people are asking questions about the Irathient appliances, so I wanted to post an explanation of all the things you might need to know.

Things you will need to apply your Irathient Mask:

  • An Adhesive
  • A Remover
  • Small disposable cups
  • Small Brushes
  • Popsicle Sticks (for mixing)
  • Make-up or Paint
  • A Helper
  • Rubbing Alcohol 91 or 99%

Helpful things:

  • Hair Clips
  • Air Brush
  • A plastic or cloth cover for your clothing.
  • An apron.
  • Odorless Mineral Spirits (It doesn’t have to be odorless, but that’s much nicer) used to smooth Skin Tite

When you receive your appliance it will be unpainted and with as thin of an edge as we can get.


You can use normal RMG or Creme makeup to color your appliance, but it will not “stick”. I have used RMG in the past for my friends Wraith costume and it worked great for a night around the convention.


I have pre tinted all the appliances to be a pale skin tone, since it is way easier to darken the piece than it is go make it lighter.

I am planning on using an Alcohol Activated make up as a base coat, giving the pieces some depth and unevenness. No ones skin is flawless, and when it is, we notice (that’s why photoshopped photos looks so unnatural).

Here is an example of the base coat I have on one of our appliances.


It doesn’t look good like this, but after a coat of Airbrush makeup from Graftobian:

This is just the first coat. I will add more once it is applied to the person.
This is just the first coat. I will add more once it is applied to the person.

To get Alcohol based make up and high end air brush make up check your local theater and costume shop. A high end place like Performance or Eddies Trick Shop.


To apply, you first clean the inside of the appliance and your skin with rubbing alcohol. You then mix and use your preference in adhesives. Skin tite can be used to blend in any thicker edges. Just put it on thick and use a brush dipped in Rubbing alcohol (the higher the percentage the better) to blend it out.

TIP: Don’t use rubbing alcohol around your eyes!

A great video for learning how to do this is at the Smooth on Youtube page:


This week I hope to do a test run with Laura and apply and paint her prosthetic. Stay tuned for that!

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