Preparations for Gencon

Well we are in full swing getting ready for our upcoming shows! Anton and Adam are working getting orders packed out to Amazon and customer orders while the rest of us are planning our Dragoncon and Gen Con booth set ups! We are expanding at all our shows this year, so maybe we will actually […]

In the Studio – July 22nd

Paul came back from vacation so stuff at Aradani is back in full swing. This week we hope to get our cart system upgraded, so there will be a new look to the site in a few days! Sara is working on her Four Sword Link costume for Gencon and today she was working on […]

Dwarven Ears are in production!

I have finished two plaster molds and they are in the drying rack. We ran one pair of ears to see how they look and well, judge for yourself! We have also put up a page for our upcoming dwarf costumes which can be found following the link below (but there isn’t much there yet): […]

Bring it on, GenCon!

So I finished making sword canes for GenCon and Dragon*Con. Phew! Last year we only had 17-20 on hand for both shows. This year we will have 65-70 canes for the run. I think the most exciting part is that Koplow Games now sells 55mm translucent d20’s, in both Ruby and Sapphire right now (you […]

Back from Libertycon!

So wow, what a weekend. Paul and I were Special Guests of Honor at this weekend’s Libertycon, and it was a non stop weekend! We got in late on Thursday and started with some drunken Munchkin playing, and we didn’t have a break after that. Libertycon is such a nice convention, even just as an […]