Friday Update – In the Studio

Super Hero Mask

Today I got in our demo bottle of Pros-Aide. We had tried other medical or pro adhesives and had no luck with them. But before we started to sell the Hero Mask  I wanted to see if the original super adhesive would work. And it does! I wore the mask around the office for a couple of hours.

I am the hero of elf ear making!
I am the hero of elf ear making!

It loosened up a bit around the edges towards the end, but it was not in danger of falling off at all. I will report back after wearing it to a convention, but we wanted to get it up for sale for everyone before Dragoncon! You can buy the mask here:

Super Hero Silicone Mask

Nightwing Costume

I also got my chest piece in the mail for my upcoming Nightwing costume. I think it is pretty bad ass, though Paul is giving me a hard time about the nipples. I am going to paint it with Krylon spray paint since that has been the most flexible paint we have used to date.

Instant Abs!
Instant Abs!

In other super costume news Sara has decided to post apoc Batgirl, and keeping in the DC universe, I am going to do  post apoc Lobo!

Irathient Cosplay

And I also finished with the mask for my Irathient costume. Well finished sculpting. I left this file big so you can see all the skin wrinkles and pores I added.


And tomorrow I start molding it!

In other news, the first shipments of Dwarf ears are out! So keep your eyes on your mailboxes!

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