What’s been happening in the Sculpting room

So we are fast approaching Dragoncon, which in the South East, means time to lock ourselves in the studio and make as many costumes as fast possible.

The first project is making Dwarf ears for everyone’s hobbit costumes! The Kickstarter is getting close to being funded, and I am close to making the mold for them! I can’t wait to turn peoples ears round?

Dwarven ears and reference photo.
Dwarven ears and reference photo.

The next project is for a long time friend. I am sculpting a super hero mask, to be cast in silicone for her Robin costume! Currently it is in the basic shape, and I am sanding it to get a nice uniform surface.

Robin's mask
Robin’s mask

And finally, for myself, I am sculpting a face mask for my Irathient Cosplay. I am super excited about the show (especially this weeks episode), and can’t wait to dirty up some leather armor for this costume. I sculpted the mask at Libertycon this weekend, and will finish it up next week.


WIP - Irathient mask.
WIP – Irathient mask.

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