Starting to Chilly Down

So I know that many of you are aware that it takes some time for me to complete (or even start) projects, both costumes and artwork. Sometimes I need a little push, and with Missy working on her Junk Lady costume from Labyrinth, that got me going on my Firey costume. Finally! Here are some […]

Ebay finds..

I found these which I will use as a basis for my Old Republic smuggler pants. Since most clothes are tight in the game, I figured orfdering stuff from Korea or China will give me the slim fit I am looking for. A word of caution though, when you order direct from Asia, make sure […]

Mike’s Costume Plans for 2012

Ok, so here are the costumes I am hoping to make for this year: The post apocalyptic costume should be fun, I just need to age some clothing and make a cool weapon. I am torn between using the leather jacket I am wearing in the photo, or using this really cool brown duster that Laura made […]