Starting to Chilly Down

So I know that many of you are aware that it takes some time for me to complete (or even start) projects, both costumes and artwork. Sometimes I need a little push, and with Missy working on her Junk Lady costume from Labyrinth, that got me going on my Firey costume. Finally!

Here are some early shots of the work on the head. The goal is to make a mask that is attached to a baseball helmet. I plan to wear a black hood, so that I can remove the head and if I stand with a dark background, it will look like I have no head!

I am building the framework for the mask out of 1/4 inch hardware cloth and Wireform sculpting mesh. I plan on sculpting over this with Crayola Model Magic.

I also made some eyeballs from ping pong balls. Missy and I had a eyeball painting session. We used acrylic paint as the base layer on ping pong balls. They were then coated with 2 ton epoxy to give them a creepy, realistic sheen. After coating with epoxy, I drew some fine details (veining, iris coloring) with Sharpie. I think did a second coating of epoxy over just the iris to create the bump of the cornea.

Being a Firey, I also designed a way to have the eyes light up.

Wire frame for top half of head.

Pair of Firey eyes.

Eyes lit up with flash.

Eyes lit up without flash, doesn’t show the “true” red of the LEDs.

Photo of the eyeball party. Firey eye on the left, Junk Lady eye on the right.

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