Mike’s Costume Plans for 2012

Ok, so here are the costumes I am hoping to make for this year:

The post apocalyptic costume should be fun, I just need to age some clothing and make a cool weapon. I am torn between using the leather jacket I am wearing in the photo, or using this really cool brown duster that Laura made me. I might play with both designs.

Old Republic Smuggler – Star Wars the Old Republic is bad ass. Basically get to make a Han Solo costume, except based on my character in the game. You can’t beat that with a gaffi stick. I already ordered some boots and a military jacket to modify.

Khal Drogo – This will be the hardest because I have to grow 5 inches. Actually no, the working out to get this buff would be even harder. Well either way, I need to do this costume so there are no other Drogo’s hanging all over my lady 🙂

I will be posting progress pictures as I go along.

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