Off to Gen con

So the Aradani Crew is almost all finished packing and we are ready to hit the road to Gen Con Indy 2010. We will be in the exhibitors hall with costumes, and paul and I will be in the art show with plenty of art. Be sure to visit!

Around the Studio – March 2010

So as usual I am deep in the middle of 10 projects and I figured I would share what all is going on at Aradani. First are my new paintings: This one is for a contest I am in. Always cool to have a chance to paint a half scorpion half woman. This one is […]

Connooga and beyond

So we had a blast as always at Connooga, the room parties were crazy this year. We were glad to get to hang out with some old friends and become better friends with others. Me and Paul were on a couple of good art panels and got to chill with some great artists, Mark Helwig, […]

Updates: Chattacon, new art, masks, ect.

So we had a blast at Chattacon. It was so good to see all of our friends, Robin and Andrew from Faerystone Creations, the Hypericon Crew, and all the rest. Both nights we partied like satyrs on a midsummer night, and got to wear some of our newer costumes. Paul won People’s Choice in the […]

Work in Progress. Final piece

Day Final So here it is, the finally piece of art. I finished it right before New Year’s, so thankfully, it took less than a year to complete… though barely. I also submitted it to Spectrum. *crosses fingers* It will beĀ  few months before I hear from them. It is also up on epilogue, elfwood, […]

New Faun ears color

For those that are interested in dressing as a Na’vi, we are now offering our painted faun ears in a new default color, blue! Just order as normal, but choose “blue” for the drop down menu. Technically these ears are not simply painted blue. The majority of the ear is painted a royal blue, with […]