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So man, was gen Con fun!

Wednesday we got down and loaded out in the unbearable heat. Luckily they had the AC on inside so it was not as bad as it could have been. I think it was so hot they realized someone would die if the AC was completely off. After set up, I hung out in the hotel room with all our hometown buds – Grant Cooley, Sam Flegal,  Matt and the rest of the Aradani crew.

After a fun night, but not enough sleep, we started out on Thursday in the exhibitors hall. I had my own art table this year, so i was pretty nervous about doing well enough to afford it again next year. Thursday was slow for me. I sat around and got to joke around with other artists, but had no sales. I got a little scared.

Thursday night we got to go play True Dungeon. The whole crew was friends, so this was a blast (and thanks to Justin for the true dungeon tokens which helped us through) . It is part DnD, part Larp, part puzzle solving, and a whole lot of fun. We dressed in full costume and they had people take pictures of our adventure so they can use it for promotion on future True Dungeon ads. I was a rogue and got to disarm traps using a metal stylus that would spring the trap if i hit the walls of the metal maze i had to guide it through. My greatest moment of the game was split between the first time i saw a chest and opened it (and had the choice to get loot or get a clue for the room puzzle… i chose loot – and the party didn’t even notice what i was doing), and when i bumped the wizards spell into the head shot critical zone of the attack board.

Then we went out for a late night of bar hopping and ending at a cool outdoor bar drinking a special gen con brew of beer called Fat Dragon. After a night of no sleep, and a hangover, i was in rough shape on Friday. I think the lack of rest and the abundance of alcohol helped some bug catch a hold of me and i had to even spend some time out in the van sleeping. I still got some commissions and sold some other random stuff. One of the commissions was for a exact replica drawing of hello kitty. so if you want to know what it takes to make me a cute artist.. its $20.

Friday night i took it easy.

saturday was a strong day, some good print sales and also was honored to sell my original oil painting of the Steampunk Clockwork Dragon! saturday night we met up with scott webb and crew and went to the monument downtown to hang with artist omar rayyan. after that, we partied at the white wolf party, which was awesome at its new/old location, the industrial club. some good dancing went on, me with a pirate (nigel) and laura and sara frary in a cage! dont worry, pictures will be coming out soon!

sunday was a good day as well, i was worn out, but still made some sales, got to hang out with more of my friends, and bought an original drawing from lydia burris.


now i am finally back home and getting in the grind for dragon con.

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