Christmas Elves

When Aradani started and Paul liked dressing up as a Mirkwood elf, that was our definition of elves. Tall, powerful beings from myth who lived in the forest, carried bows and protected the world. As we have helped transform people across the world into the coolest elves ever, our definition of elf stayed the same. … Read more

Fenris from Dragon Age 2!

Fenris Costume

I started playing Dragon Age this year and I instantly fell in love with Dragon Age II. The characters were so well done and Fenris was definitely my favorite. His character development, personality, and his relationship with Hawke (in a romance) was so appealing to me. I also absolutely loved his design, but when I … Read more

Battle Queen Zelda Costume

Battle Queen Zelda

This is my “Battle Queen Zelda” costume that I made last summer (2015). I made it in about three and a half weeks. I had really been wanting to make a full worbla armor set, and Zelda was the character I settled on for my first worbla armor. I had worked with worbla before, but … Read more

Elves in the World of Warcraft movie!!!

warcraft movie elves

So we have been pretty bummed at Aradani. With the approaching theatrical release, we have wondered where are the elves in the World of Warcraft movie? So far the only evidence of an elf was a single credit on IMDB: Christian Sloan … High Elf Delegate Which is listed below someone credited as “Indecisive Woman”, so … Read more

2014 Contest Winners!

It took a bit longer than we though, but we finally have all the judging finished, and we have some winners! 1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place   We had many great submissions, and we want to thank everyone who participated! Here is a full gallery of all the contest submissions:

Link’s scarf

  Guess who has something geeky to wear out on the town! Now I just need to keep working on the rest of the Hyrule Warriors Link outfit. You can see how we made the scarf in detail here or just click the image.

Silicone Ear photos – unblended.

We had so many people who liked our photos yesterday, we wanted to show what the ears look like with no blending. These are up close photos with no Pros Aide blending. The seams are pretty evident, but from 5 feet away, they still look great! We also used Paul’s ear, because it is larger … Read more