Elves in the World of Warcraft movie!!!

So we have been pretty bummed at Aradani. With the approaching theatrical release, we have wondered where are the elves in the World of Warcraft movie? So far the only evidence of an elf was a single credit on IMDB:

Christian Sloan
High Elf Delegate

Which is listed below someone credited as “Indecisive Woman”, so I had little hope that they would be any large part of the movie.

Yes, I know that this focuses on the invasion of the orcs. I have played Warcraft since the start, though luckily I skipped over WoW, otherwise Aradani might not exist (Everquest was my crack, and I broke out just in time to pursue my art career). And I am a little blurry on some of the history since the RTSs that I loved were more about resource gathering than story (it it has been a long time… which reminds me –switches over to Steam to see if there are any discounts on old Warcraft games. What! Not available on steam or GoG, come on Blizzard!)

Ready to serve
Ready to serve

But I have some good news! Thanks to reddit user Fimbulforge, we have spotted some elves in the movie!

If you slow down the trailer at the council, at just the right moment you can see dwarves and elves. Or you can look at the screenshot below.

Elves in the World of Warcraft movie
YES! Elves! and dwarves 🙂

We are already discussing what elf ears to make for these guys. On first glance, our legend elf ears may work, but they need to be longer. So maybe that can be my next project!

As for the orcs, we have no plans on making the big masks, sorry, but our wood elf ears would work quite nicely for Garona:


Wood Elf Ears
What other things would you like to see Aradani make from the new World of Warcraft movie? Head over to our facebook and let us know – http://facebook.com/aradanistudios