Christmas Elves

christmas elves christmas elf ears

When Aradani started and Paul liked dressing up as a Mirkwood elf, that was our definition of elves. Tall, powerful beings from myth who lived in the forest, carried bows and protected the world.

As we have helped transform people across the world into the coolest elves ever, our definition of elf stayed the same. Sure we heard people talk about using our products for Christmas, and we definitely encouraged it, we never pushed our ears into the holiday market. Maybe because Halloween is MY holiday, I never thought about Christmas elves.

Well things have changed. I am tired of seeing bad elf ears during this season, so Aradani is starting to offer Christmas elf ear packages. Are they new styles of ears? No. But we hope to raise awareness among the Christmas decorators and enthusiasts that no longer do you need to put up with non matching rubber ears shoved uncomfortably on your ears. No longer will felt ears stapled to the brim of a bad elf hat be acceptable. We want only the best Christmas Elf Ears for our holidays!

bad elf ears forchristmas elf ears

Please don’t do this.

Now it is time to raise the bar for Santa’s helpers everywhere (but not too high, they still need to be able to reach it). 

Don’t let bad Elf Ears happen to your Christmas, get some Aradani Christmas Elf Ears.