Work in Progress: A long time coming

Day 8 (the hand), 9 (the gun), & 10 (the reflection)
Wizard Art
Wizard Art

So it has been a long, long time since I posted up a progression of the Wizard piece. I apologize for that. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time to post something, it was that I didn’t have time to draw! It wasn’t until after Halloween that I got a chance to make some new art. I have been trying to work at least one day a week on the piece, and it is almost done.

Day 8, hands and sleeve
So I darkened the inside of the sleeve, changed the perspective on the burn on the left side of the sleeve (right hand side of picture), and added a hole to the other side, with smoke coming up. The perspective on the hole was way off. It looked almost straight on, when it should be dramatically foreshortened due to the angle of the sleeve.

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A Work in Progress: Paul’s latest artwork

So I have been planning this piece for about 4 years… at least. I finally felt ready for it, finally felt like my talent had reached a point where I could attempt this and do it well. I have decided to document the development of this piece, and do a “daily digest,” where I take a photo at the end of a long day of working on the piece. This allows me to show its development to you, but it also allows me to get feedback from you, suggestions, critiques. I also think this is a really cool approach to sharing my art with people. Not just as a single piece, but as a growing and evolving work of art. This first post is all the sketches that I have done over the years, working up to this piece. I hope you enjoy.


This image dates back almost 4 years ago. After drawing Modern Magic in 2001 and hearing about the ending of Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards for years, I had built up the ending to that movie in my mind. Every time people told me about it, the ending grew and evolved into this epic, world shattering event. After seeing the movie, it wasn’t what I expected. This work of art is to express what has been growing in my head since 2002.

I knew I wanted the wizard high atop a tower, one hand flaring with magic, the other holding a gun, pointed almost at the viewer, but not quite. If it were pointed right at you, then it would be too foreshortened, and difficult to discern. I always envisioned the gun drawn, and a flash of purple lightning streaking through the night sky behind him.

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New painting

Added a new painting up to Deviant Art. I haven’t gone live with my new site design, but once I do all my new work will be up there. See the larger version at deviantart. This image is the cover for a module I am self published for d20 open gaming.