Work in Progress: A long time coming

Day 8 (the hand), 9 (the gun), & 10 (the reflection)
Wizard Art

Wizard Art

So it has been a long, long time since I posted up a progression of the Wizard piece. I apologize for that. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time to post something, it was that I didn’t have time to draw! It wasn’t until after Halloween that I got a chance to make some new art. I have been trying to work at least one day a week on the piece, and it is almost done.

Day 8, hands and sleeve
So I darkened the inside of the sleeve, changed the perspective on the burn on the left side of the sleeve (right hand side of picture), and added a hole to the other side, with smoke coming up. The perspective on the hole was way off. It looked almost straight on, when it should be dramatically foreshortened due to the angle of the sleeve.

I worked on the hand for many days. I would finish it, then realize that I didn’t like the knuckles, the light reflecting, etc. the gentleman who is purchasing this piece was the model for the hand. I also wanted to make sure that his fingernails are dirty, cracked, and otherwise not well cared for. I don’t feel that a wizard has much time to care for fingernails.

Day 9 (side of gun)
This was probably one of the scariest parts of the piece. The gun isn’t real, so I had to take bits and pieces of stuff, flat pieces of metal, and make up the gun. How reflective is it? The front is supposed to show the evil wizard, so should the sides be crazy reflective too? You have highlights from the blue light on the side, and a little tint of red from the fireball in front.

Day 10 (the reflection in the front of the gun)
Another scary moment. The perspective of his brother is quite weird, since he is down on his knee aiming up at the brother. John modeled again for me, so I could see the angle on the nose, and chin, even the arms and hands too. I have included in this album the “first go” at the evil brother, he was a little more squat and cartoony. I know that the final wizard is still cartoony, but how does one depict evil easily? Usually a caricature is necessary to give that instant, “oh, he is bad” feeling.

I also added some lightning in the background (I have always talked about the purple lightning in the background, now it is there).

… [edit] Oh, the front of the gun is not complete. I plan on going back over it with a white pastel to give the front of the gun a “sheen,” since this is a reflection. I wanted to make sure that the reflection looked perfect before I went over it with the white.

Alright, comments, critiques, help, anything?