Work in Progress: A few missing days.

The image that you are seeing is what I classify as Day 6 and 7. I know that I missed a few updates on this news feed, and I apologize. If anyone would like the details on days 2 through 5, just let me know, and I will post them here as well.

Day 6 and 7:

So I had to take a break for a while. It wasn’t what I hoping for, but with 2 Ren Faires, multiple conventions, and buying a house, I had no time whatsoever. But I am back, and working hard.

Day 6 was completed a few months ago, but I never took a picture of that particular day. It was the leather strap and the left shoulder. Drawing leather is something that I really like doing, A.B. Word taught me how to make very convincing leather, and I am so glad that years after studying with her, I still have it. This day was working on the leather and the metal buckles, and the shadows that play over that area. The shoulder is also barely illuminated by the red magic from the evil wizard.

Day 7 was a big one. I had attempted to draw the left sleeve once before, and failed miserably. I decided that I needed to get some good photo references, and so I had my friend John model for me with a white and red light. I was able to get some amazing photos, and I used those to draw the sleeve, and will use them to draw the hand.

I was only planning to draw the sleeve on day 7, but ended up drawing a thumb as well. Oh well, I think it is a mighty fine thumb.

The only thing that I need to fix is the angle on the burn mark on the sleeve. It is too straight on, when that sleeve should be WAY foreshortened. Oh well, that is what day 8 is for. That, and a HAND!