New Movie Trailer – The Hole

  So when people find out that Aradani Studios is family run and that we are all artists, the first thing people ask is “are your parents artists?” And though they are creative and supportive, they are not the artists you are looking for. But our uncles are. We grew up hearing stories of our […]

Tron 3 is happening!

So Disney didn’t do so well in US theaters with Tron Legacy, but when everything was said and done, they pulled in over 400 million worldwide. Not a bad haul. Legacy’s director, Joseph Kosinski has a new film that I am looking forward to – Oblivion. He says he is ready to return to the Grid . […]

Can’t Wait for Mad Max Fury Road

So I was day dreaming about making a post apocalyptic costume today. I then went and checked out the images from Wasteland Weekend and got angry that it always happens during our busy time, so I will never be able to visit that show. Then I wondered why we don’t have something like that on the […]

Photo Galleries – Huge update!

So recently someone pointed out that our Aradani photo galleries were spread out all over the site, some in our old photo gallery which was only accessible through the costume front page, the photo galleries here on the blog, and an old static page. So I have gone through and moved them all here! Now you can […]