Can’t Wait for Mad Max Fury Road

So I was day dreaming about making a post apocalyptic costume today.


I then went and checked out the images from Wasteland Weekend¬†and got angry that it always happens during our busy time, so I will never be able to visit that show. Then I wondered why we don’t have something like that on the east coast (someone do it, i’ll back you up). And finally ended up looking at Mad Max Fury Road pictures (this is how my mind wanders while updating our website).

Apparently Fury Road has just gone over budget, but it is still in line to come out in 2013. I also found some really cool pictures of costumes, props and vehicles and wanted to share them with you in case you hadn’t seen them.

We cannot display this gallery

This makes me even more excited about the movie. And makes me hope we get a cool post apoc con here in the South soon.