New Movie Trailer – The Hole


So when people find out that Aradani Studios is family run and that we are all artists, the first thing people ask is “are your parents artists?” And though they are creative and supportive, they are not the artists you are looking for. But our uncles are. We grew up hearing stories of our uncles moving out to Hollywood, living in their cars and making their way into the special effects business. We saw cool pictures of them building models, got to go see their movies in the theater, and even visit their studio out in LA.


Our Uncles (and Aunt in law) have always listened to our stories, looked at our drawings, and helped spark our imagination in the fantastical and futuristic.


All of this is being said because I was looking at Trailers this morning and a movie they worked on back in 2009 is finally available in the US. It is called The Hole and it looks like a lot of fun. My uncle Robert is one of the co-producers and visual effects designers and my other uncle, Dennis, is the 3D still photographer and visual effects director.


Here is the trailer over at Youtube:



The youtube station for The Hole has the rotten tomato rating which isn’t too shabby.

The movie is also available on Netflix, so we will be watching it soon over at the studio!


-mike out


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