New Creepy Surgical Germ Masks

A new line of Latex prosthetics we have started at Aradani, is gothic, horror, steampunk masks. This is the first prototype of a strange alien horror mask. We will have a standard unpainted in black or brown and a high quality one painted by myself and with little touches like hard plastic horns.

New Articles!

Added some new articles today. First is the Myrddraal costume article discussing the costume I wore this year at Dragoncon. Myddraal Costume Next is the Assassin’s Creed Costume Article: Assassin’s Creed Costume As well as an article about the start of my Fallout 3 Costume: Fallout 3 Reilly’s Rangers Costume

New Silicone products!

We have added new silicone products to the website! These are great because they look more realistic, and those with latex allergies can wear them with no problem. We added Silicone Elf ears, Eyeless mask, and a vampire brow. We are very excited to bring this new costuming technology to you and we hope that … Read more

Artist Guests of Honor!

We were asked to fill in as the Artist Guests of Honor at this years Chattacon. The original Guest – Rowena, could not make it so they asked us. We are quite honored to be recognized in this way. We hope that everyone will be able to make it to the show. But even if … Read more

New painting

Added a new painting up to Deviant Art. I haven’t gone live with my new site design, but once I do all my new work will be up there. See the larger version at deviantart. This image is the cover for a module I am self published for d20 open gaming.