A quick Hobbiton getaway

As you might imagine, we are in the middle of our busy season. Halloween means we have stacks of orders going out each day, and the Ohio Renaissance Festival means three of us are on the road every week from Friday til Monday. But September is also Laura’s birthday, so I always take a small … Read more

New Ear style, Gen Con, and more

Hail elves! We have just returned from GenCon and we are already back in the office making ears and shipping them. Well some of us. A couple of the Aradani crew were overwhelmed from all the fun (and the 7+ miles you walk every day at con) and took a vacay from the studio. But … Read more

Paul Plays Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Entry 3

Fierce Deity Link So last night I completed my set! Playing in full Majora’s Mask style now. I got the armor on my very first scan, and it took a few more days to get the rest, but it is finally complete! Mwahaha. Amiibos So Amiibos are pretty cool. I didn’t own any of them, … Read more