Check out the new costume article!

I made a bodice based on the newest Resident Evil Afterlife movie! My process of how the bodice came together is featured in the article. You can also check out some of the images of our friend Jen first displaying her bodice at Dragon*Con plus some detail shots from two additional bodices I made. Just […]

Mike’s Costume Goals 2011

Ok, so here is my line up of costumes for 2011 so far: Finish and tweak my Lobo costume Tron “Casual” Jacket . I want this to be a light up tron style grid jacket, but something I can wear in everyday use. Dragon Age 2 – Hawke Starcraft 2 – Terran Marine Maybe – […]

Pro’s Adhesive and Remover

While not nearly as exciting as Mike’s recent post on Jen’s costume at Dragon*Con last year, I finally got the some products posted to the site, Pro’s Adhesive and it’s necessary companion, Pro’s Adhesive Remover. For those that are interested in wearing silicone masks like the alien mask or our silicone vampire forehead, this is […]

New Masks – Female Alien Mask

Just added a female alien mask. It was a custom commission for a friend, but it should fit most women and some men (it is a smaller size). It is offered in both a silicone and a latex version. I am working on the article showing how it was made, which should be published later […]

LED Tron Shirt

If you want a really bright and somewhat less delicate Tron costume, this man has figured out how to make one out of silicone encapsulated LEDs. In my plans I am going to be working with EL tape, but we will see if that was a bad mistake in a couple of weeks. Here is […]