Princess Zelda and Dark Link Costumes in motion

Got a link to this video with some great Zelda costumes and it looks like all the cosplayers are wearing our ears. These are some really great costumes, and seeing them on video is even more impressive.

It was shot at Youmacon 2010 in Detroit, which explains the cars in the background of some shots.

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  1. vikitacollins says: February 11, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Excuse me, what kind of ears is that Zelda cosplayer wearing? small anime? large anime? legend? i’m confused, because her ears are both pointing to the sides, and in your pictures I see the ears are pointing to the back… could you help me, please? I really like the same Zelda’s ears (:

    • Those are our anime ears, the $17 style. Depending on the shape of your natural ears, these guys tend to go more back, or more out. I like wearing them because they do stick out sideways a bit more than some of our other styles (especially the high elf). But you can adjust the angle a bit by the way you glue them on.