Sorry for the Downtime

Looks like we were down last night for about 8 hours. Danny said someone flooded the server and the server had to be shut down. Since it happened so late, it wasn’t brought back up until this morning. Luckily Danny is our own Acid Burn and we pledged him our first born to get the server […]

It just got real up in here.

So I always joke that painting dragons and making elf ears for a living makes us at Aradani the most legit geeks around. But we just got served. Our friend Chris Lee from the Apparition Abolishers  is building a full scale Millenium Falcon. And this won't be some cheap plastic dinosaur looking thing you see on […]

Dragoncon here we come! – Mike

So we have been working overtime getting ready for the big DCon. We had to go work on our booth at the Ohio Renaissance Festival this last weekend, but other than that it has been printing art, packing products and preparing costumes. Right now our studio looks like a bomb went off. But we are so excited […]