Photographer(s) needed at MidsouthCon

Hey everyone,

As you know I have been working with my friend Dane on a side project called Conspyer. Its a convention schedule site, which has fandom schedules, con reviews and more. I always write up a review after each convention, but we are in desperate need of people to submit photos to us for each convention.


We are attending MidSouthCon in a few weeks and we really want to get a lot of photos from the con. So if you are going and don’t mind sharing your images (you retain all rights, we just want to have them up on the site), please contact us through our contact form: Conspyer Contact. Or you can just email us a link to a flickr/facebook/ect account after the convention!


Also, if you attend a lot of conventions and take lots of photos, we would love to feature other conventions of yours on the site. We are looking for a official Conspyer photographer (it doesn’t pay at the moment) so if you are interested, send us a mail¬†through¬†the above contact form.


Thanks, and see you at con!


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