Wheel of Time Trolloc Costumes

So a group of us is planning to cosplay a Fist of Trollocs this year at JordanCon. These creatures from The Wheel of Time are mixtures of human and animal stock, bred magically to serve the Dark One, hehe. Because they are made from various animal stock, we have a lot of freedom when it comes to design, masks, and look. Our goal is to make the costumes look relatively similar, except for our faces. One of us will be a vulture, the other a wolf, and I am working on a boar costume.

I just finished up my gauntlets and bracers. It was very fun to work in a very organic style and not worry about symmetry and clean tooling. I got to cut, shred, and mangle the gauntlets as I made them, and it was… well fun. More pictures to come as the costume comes along.


Both gauntlets
Bracer without Gauntlet
Bracer without Gauntlet


Sneak peek at some Trolloc weaponry. We purchased some “boffer” Spartan swords online, and then using Gorilla glue, a hack saw, and some spray paint, we modified them heavily to be not Spartan, and be more menacing and rough. I put boffer in quotations because while these may be foam… I would never, ever want to get hit by one of these.

Assorted Trolloc Blades


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  1. So…not a secret project, I take it? 😀 If so, mind if I share this around? The gauntlets turned out quite well.

    Also: Trollocs aren’t renowned for their grammar acumen, so I’ll give you a pass. This time. hehe

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