New Product – Disk Holder

For those of you trying to make a Tron Legacy Costume, we now off a generic holder that will mount the official Identity Disk to any garment. It comes in a default gray color (we can make it white too if people ask), but it can be painted any color you like! Click the image […]

Chattacon 2011

Aradani Studios is getting ready to start our convention season! Chattacon 2011 We are packing up art and deciding what costume products to bring as I write this. Well, its early for us artists, we are drinking our coffee and about to start doing actual work. (Hey I stayed up to 1am working on my […]

A couple of snazzy comic book costumes

So it seems that yesterday a couple of super heroes decided to show off their new duds. First is a very lanky and textured spiderman. Pretty cool looking, and a little grungier than i am used to seeing spiderman. And the next is the Entertainment Weekly release of the new Captain America costume: I really […]

Check out the new costume article!

I made a bodice based on the newest Resident Evil Afterlife movie! My process of how the bodice came together is featured in the article. You can also check out some of the images of our friend Jen first displaying her bodice at Dragon*Con plus some detail shots from two additional bodices I made. Just […]